Eid is the big event for Muslims, it is actually celebrated on completion of Ramadan. It’s the time to meet your loved one, and give them some gifts.Muslims all over the world celebrates this event from the heart.On this day they exchange gifts with each other as it strengthens the bond of relationship. Muslims never forget poor one on Eid who are around them. On Eid poor are blessed by “zakawat” and  “Fitrana”. Children are very happy because they get “Eidi” and gifts from elders.

Many peoples of Pakistan lives in other countries for the purpose of job.Many of them living in UK  so they go out with Muslims friends or colleague exchange greeting cards and other presents. But at the same times they can’t ignore their closed one who is away from them. So exchanging gifts is tradition of Muslims on Eid. To Send gifts to Pakistan from UK   seems impossible if we look behind in last 4~10 years but Internet as it influences in many aspects of life, has made human life very easy.Now one using online store send gifts to Pakistan very easily.It need just few clicks of moue and order is delivered on time safe and secure,making the joy of Eid of your family double. Don’t hesitate make your presence on the occasion by sending gifts and show your love and care to your family members.